Do I need a referral?

The type of insurance plan you carry will determine whether you need a referral. Please consult your carrier for details.

Do I need to provide my records or will you obtain them?

Lourdes Cardiology will obtain your medical records on your behalf. However, if you have any records in your possession, please bring them to your appointment.

Do I need to see a particular doctor for a specific diagnosis?

Our physicians do specialize in specific areas of treatment. Please see below a brief description of the types of doctors that comprise our team:

• Clinical Cardiologists treat patients with chest pain, shortness of breath and other common types of symptoms. Patients will typically see a clinical cardiologist first to confirm whether any other diagnosis or treatment is needed.

• Interventional Cardiologists see patients with heart or vascular diagnoses, such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), peripheral vascular disease (PVD), arterial stenosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) or structural heart conditions.

• Electrophysiologists treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias, often more commonly known as atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, syncope or other heart rhythm irregularities.

Do you accept my insurance?

While we accept most insurances, we recommend contacting your insurance company to confirm coverage.

How can I find out if my physician is an M.D. or D.O., as well as the board certifications he or she holds?

To find out more about your physician, please visit the Meet our Doctors section on the website.

How can I find out more about my doctor’s medical experience?

To read professional and educational background summaries for our physicians, please see the Meet our Doctors section on the website.

How long will my appointment take?

While appointments may vary, a new patient appointment is typically 30 minutes in length.

Where are the Lourdes physicians located?

Our physicians deliver world-class care at multiple convenient locations across South Jersey. To find a location near you and make an appointment today, please see a comprehensive listing of our Locations