Heart Valve Care

A leader in minimally invasive repair and replacement procedures

We’re changing the lives of those affected by heart valve disease.

Your heart’s valves are essential for maintaining the one-way blood flow through your heart. But some valves are deformed at birth, become stiff with age, or are injured by infections and other diseases. 

Lourdes Cardiology is uniquely qualified to treat a range of these disorders. For some conditions, medication can be an effective treatment. For others, such as stenosis (where the valve becomes narrowed), the most definitive treatment is repair or replacement of the diseased valve. While some patients will still require surgery for their valve treatments, our philosophy is to pursue the least invasive approaches.

Our interventional cardiologists have teamed with our cardiothoracic surgery service to create one of the top programs in the state and the region for minimally invasive valve procedures. 

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